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Hanging Kit: poly filament fishing line, “S” hook,

swivel hook, screw hook, plasterboard expanding anchor with hook

Choose a well ventilated place with enough room to allow all around free movement.

The depth dimension represents the diameter of the Mobile's revolution circle so you will need a minimum of half of that dimension of unimcumbered space around the hanging point so the Mobile can move freely.  The Mobile’s ceiling anchor should sustain from 20 to 50 Lbs. weight. Use heavy gauge single strand or thin  braided fishing line.

The provided swivel hook will help alleviate line stress.

Please check the line regularly and change at any sign of weakness.

Here is how I usually proceed. Tie the "bottom" hook to the end of the line. Use a good strong knot (do not cut the line yet). Suspend the Mobile on the hook. Suspending it at arm's length find the best place and height and mark the spot to place the hook.

Once the hook is in place, cut the length of line to the desired length and tie the swivel hook (at the ceiling end of the line) again, using a good strong knot.

Also, after cutting the provided fishing line it is a good idea to singe both ends with a match or a lighter to prevent fraying.

Hang the Mobile.