Mobiles are an ideal solution for high ceiling spaces with skylights. They can, however,  be designed to fit in any open space such as above dining room tables or room corner.

Freestanding StabiloMobiles are the most versatile and can be placed pretty much anywhere there is a flat surface with enough surrounding free space.

Stabiles are the most suited for outdoor settings. They can be left in bare matel stainless steel od aluminum. Stabiles are also quite striking in color. 

Commission Work

When it comes to Mobiles the most satisfying results are provided by designing a custom piece that will fit in its intended location more harmoniously. Examples can be found on the Commissions page.

I will work with photos and space dimensions and blue prints. The process will take from four to six weeks depending on size and complexity


When designing a Mobile for a commission I will take into consideration your shape and color preferences. The process is quite simple and the results will alway be well beyond your expectations.

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